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BiOrb Life space age aquarium


A very new design with a distinctly late 60s look – the BiOrb Life aquarium.

Yes, if they kept fish in Space 1999, it would have been in something like this, with a coloured acrylic finish and clear front, along with a circular port at the top that offers access to the actual fish and water. Clever stuff too – an easy-to-change filter system makes fish keeping a doddle, while an LED lighting system changes to create sunrise, sunlight, sunset and moonlight.

Three sizes available (30, 45 and 60 litre), with prices starting at around £190 when it launches in the next few weeks.

Find out more at the Charterhouse Aquatics website

  • John Busby

    I’m a massive fan of these aquariums, they look so cool. I don’t think there is any other aquarium available which looks so different! The square shapped one ( looks even more retro in style. It reminds me of an old square Television.