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Dover Street Market x Gloverall Monty – bright and bold classic duffle coat


Gloverall has been making duffle coats for as long as anyone can remember – and producing the Monty (named after avid wearer Field Marshall Montgomery) since the days of the second world war. Well, it’s time for a makeover – with the Dover Street Market x Gloverall Monty duffle coat.

The range is exclusive to Dover Street Market, offering an all-new colour range of coats for men and women, although some colours obviously suit certain sexes more. Most of the detailing is the same as the original duffle (aside from a few contrast details) and still made from the same 90% wool and 10% polyamide mix.

The price is a little bit higher though at £310, but you might want to view that as an investment – these coats last for years. See the website for the full colour range.

Find out more at the Dover Street Market website

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