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1930s-style Gentleman’s Wool Jacket


If you’re after a winter coat that offers a little more style than most, you might want to check out this 1930s-style Gentleman’s Wool Jacket.

The cloth itself has been woven by Fox Brothers in Somerset using traditional methods, creating something that’s warm and resistant to wind and rain. The ‘sports’ jacket itself is made by a vintage tailoring firm in Germany (Kastell), offering that wool plus cotton and horse hair for shape and detail, a four-button front (with optional collar fastening), centre vent at the back, two patch pockets, inside pockets and button cuffs.

Made in limited numbers, you can pick one up for £415.

Find out more at the Manufactum website

  • Fritz

    I wonder if the jacket comes with a free “Dr. Evil” haircut?

  • I realy like this – there’s something almost oriental about the collar and the cut of it.