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Zepii retro-styled electric scooters


Fancy cruising round the streets on a vintage-style scooter, but don't want to do further damage to the environment? You need one of these Zepii retro-styled electric scooters.

Obviously being both new and electric, this isn't one for the purists. But if you want something cheap and nippy for getting around town, it might be worth a look. Taking its design inspiration from the vintage Vespas (not to mention some nifty lights and a backrest), the Zepii offers between 50 and 60km of travel from an eight hour charge from your mains, costing around 8p for 40 miles of riding and of course, throwing out absolutely no emissions. Top speed? We don't know, but we suspect you'll not be burning rubber when the lights change.

If you want one, check out the Zepii website for the lowdown, with prices around the £849 mark, which seems pretty reasonable for something that costs peanuts to run. See over for another image of the scoot.

Find out more at the Zepii website

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Actually, they are modeled after the Honda Joker scooter, not Vespa's.

David Walker

But to be honest, the Joker wasn't exactly an original design was it?

Retro Scooters

These Zeppi's have a top speed of just over 30mph for anyone interested. They're comparable to a petrol 50cc retro scooter in speed. I have to say, I write a lot about scooters over at my own site and we'll be doing a full comparison on electric vs petrol in the next couple of weeks but from our early testing, until the price of these electric 50cc scooters can come down to match the £649 prices offered by similar petrol offerings, they're not worth it. Great in principal and if you like the idea of going green but really, where do you think the power comes from for electricity...

Our other concern is a simple one..what happens if you get stuck in traffic and you run out of battery power?

Ryan Thompson

Reminds me of Honda's Metropolitan. Apparently production temporary ceased on those. Then gas went to $4 last year, and it resumed. They have a 49cc engine and a top speed of like 37 mph, but I'm not sure if that's a computer-governed top speed or not. They start at about $2250.

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