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Awaydays (2009) DVD reviewed


We missed Awaydays at the cinema, but we've managed to pick up the DVD – which we've now reviewed over at Cinedelica.

For the uninitiated, Awaydays is based on Kevin Sampson's cult novel and set in 1979, focusing on Paul Carty, an art school drop out with hip tastes in music, but desperate to be part of 'the Pack', the local casuals/football hooligan gang. He finds the way in via Elvis, the one member of the gang with a mind of his own, who he befriends at legendary Liverpool club Eric's. It gets him in with the Pack, but in time, it also destroys the close friendship between Carty and Elvis.

Any good? Check out the review for the lowdown – you can buy the movie on both DVD and Blu-ray from this week.

Awaydays DVD review at Cinedelica