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Cream Felt Beret by Red Herring

Herring beret

While we're stuck in that part of the year where the weather can't make its mind up, it's worth easing the coming Winter blues with some stylish accessories. The rainier months are time for the hats to come out of the wardrobe, and luckily hats are a quick and easy way to retro chic.

This Cream Felt Beret by Red Herring has a cute, mid-sixties look that's got a look of expensive sophistication about it too. The cream shade is perfectly offset by a large black bow, the result being a luxurious looking accessory that retains a girlish 60s style.

Get it online from Debenhams for just £8.

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  • jel

    hi! ive been looking for this particular item for almost a year.. and debenhams out of stock of it already. do you know any particular site that sells this item?