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New DVD reviews at Cinedelica


We've got three new cult movie reviews online at CinedelicaIt's All Over Town, This That And The Other and The Lost Continent.

All are from the 1960s, the firsr being a pop vehicle from '63 featuring the likes of The Hollies, Dusty Springfield and old crooner Frankie Vaughan, the second (pictured above) is a late 60s exploitation movie starring Dennis Waterman (yes, that one) that's pretty much impossible to describe in a few words (although 'weird' and 'trippy' could fit the bill) and finally, the Lost Continent is a Hammer flick, the tale of a boat trapped in a lost world with big rubber monsters and mad descendents of the Spanish Inquisition!

Want to know more? Check out the site for the full reviews and more movie bits and pieces. Incidentally, Cinedelica is on Spotify too, you can follow the site at @Cinedelica.

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