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eBay watch: Size? exclusive Adidas Manchester limited edition trainers


As some of you might recall, the retailer Size? is selling classic, limited edition Adidas Manchester trainers and tracktops for its 10th anniversary, some of which were sold instores over the weekend, the rest being sold online this morning.

If, like me, you were one of the people trying to buy some, you'll probably have found a frustrating and in the end, almost shambolic procedure. Being informed there was no stock at the end of the billing procedure (after previously securing some online), even getting a cancellation email after an order was confirmed. Not good at all.

But where there's demand, there is always supply - and a number of the lucky few have decided to stick their (not very) prized possessions straight onto the eBay website. So if you have money to spare, sellers are already asking anything between £100 and £300 for a pair of the £69.99 trainers. Yes, really. If you want to browse what's currrently there, follow our link to the trainers currently being sold.

Adidas Manchester trainers and tracktops on eBay

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I've found something really strange on the Adidas Manchester Tracktops sold on Ebay, or, it might be me missing the point:
Why all the items displayed show a 1/300 tag instead of, for example, 211/300 or 123/300?
Shouldn't every single tracktop have a different identification number in order to make it unique?

Any reply will be accepted :-)

David Walker

They might not be showing the top they're selling - instead showing one of the promotional or press shots that were doing the rounds.


Thank you David, as I said, I was missing the point :-)


Your not missing the point, i queued and got both top and trainees adidas have been rather lazy all tops/trainers are numbered 1 of either 300 or 500 there is a run of 250 Adidas manchester books that accompnay them i have 1 of those


I was lucky enough to get both the top and trainers, although i did have to queue all night.

All trainers and tops are not individually numbered like any of the city series, got to say though its a bit sick people putting them straight on ebay though, they could have charged double the price for these and still sold out.

great website btw


So guys, this is unaccettable.
How can Adidas present a reissue as a limited edition when it is not sure that is limited at all?

Sorry for my english, I'll try to be more clear:

How can I be sure that the tops sold are only 300? Ok, Adidas could either produce a million copies of the piece 246/300 and nobody notices it. However when I buy something that is advised as a limited edition, I want, at least, to have MY item number!

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