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Surrealist Dinner Party presents Come Fly With Us

Come fly with us
Long for the lost glamour of air travel? Get on board the Surrealist Dinner Party's latest event, called Come Fly With Us

Taking place at an unrevealed central London location, the event aims to capture some of the style of a 1960s flight and promises 'lovely food and wine served with some madness and mayhem'. A ticket will buy you a drink and three course-meal, with the food described as sixties with a modern twist. Happening three nights a week until 21 December with just 20 places at each event, booking is essential. 

And that all important dress code? Your most elegant and stylish Sunday Best or 60s attire please. 

Dates and booking details can be found online

via The Vintage Guide to London

  • Anne

    I attended your Come Fly With Us event in December which I enjoyed and would like to find out more about and possibly attend events in 2011. please can you keep me posted. I am particularly interested in events in west or central London – thanks.

  • Frances

    Hi Anne, glad you enjoyed the Come Fly with Me Event. I had a look on the internet and the easiest way to keep track of the Surrealist Dinner Party’s events seems to be their Facebook page: