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Patrick Rylands toys at the V&A Shop

Patrick Rylands cat

Last year saw the re-issue of classic 60s toy, PlayPlax. The inventor of that game, Patrick Rylands, has recently had several more of his classic toys put back into production and they're now available to buy from the V&A Shop

Stocked as part of the V&A's range connected to its British Design exhibition, Rylands' toys were designed to help children play imaginatively. He was a trained ceramicist but these toys celebrated all the joys of colourful plastic and were produced through the 1960s and 70s. As well as the cat shown above, the range includes a mouse, a dog and a fish, as well as a magic man and rattle keys, so there's plenty to keep young kids amused. 

Prices for the toys start at £6. The cat pictured costs £15. 

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  • Gladys Whitaker

    I worked for Trendon Ltd when we launched Patrick s Playplax in the 60’s. Happy Days!!