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1960s Film Alphabet by Wildish & Co for Culture Label

1960s film alphabet

Test your knowledge of classic films with this 1960s Film Alphabet print by Wildish & Co, produced in partnership with Culture Label

The print runs from Alfie to Zulu (though there are plenty of non-Michael Caine films in there too), with each letter of the alphabet being represented by a different film. So it's B for Barbarella, E for Easy Rider, K for Kes and L for Lolita and so on. 

Once you've cracked the 1960s, there are equivalent posters available for the 1970s, 80s, 90s and 2000s too. 

Each print costs £30.

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  • Jim

    Lame, first picture is even wrong. That’s not a picture from Alfie…. he never even wore glasses. Dumb print.