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eBay watch: Vintage orange space age floor lamp


Not sure of the maker, but the era for this vintage orange space age floor lamp isn't in question.

That look and that bold orange colour tells you this is late '60s, possibly early 1970s. It's in that 'ball park' for sure. According to the seller, it stands around 109cm tall and is in good working order, currently fitted with an 'energy' bulb.

But there's a slight problem. The seller adds that at some stage 'a bulb that was too large' was mistakenly fitted and subsequently burned the inner plastic. it is shown on one of the shots on the listing. However, the lamp holder has been 'professionally moved and fitted with the correct bulb'.

But there is a big plus to end this. The lamp is currently at just £19.99.

Find out more at the eBay website