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Ikea’s original 1950s Lövet side table to be reissued as the Lövbacken


This could be the coolest bit of midcentury design on the market this year. Yet amazingly, the Lövbacken side table from Ikea will be one of the most affordable.

This is the original flat pack design, created by Ikea in 1956 and sold as the Lövet side table back in the day, although it returns under the name Lövbacken in August. The three-legged leaf shaped side table was created by designer Gillis Lundgren, who was forced to saw the legs off to fit it into his car. A whole new era was born.

Amazingly, this stunning interior piece will sell for just £40 next month, with Ikea saying that the piece will mix 'retro styling with modern convenience', adding that 'people are becoming more and more interested in buying pieces of furniture that have a story attached to them'.

That's good news, as it could mean more of these past gems will make it to the racks. In the meantime, join the queue – this is going to be huge.

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Via Daily Telegraph