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Midcentury-inspired Bug and Bird Motels from the Thoughtful Gardener

Bug motel

If you can't afford a mid-century house for yourself, why not treat some of our animal friends to a stay in one with these Bug and Bird motels from the Thoughtful Gardener.  

As you may know 'bug hotels' are a way of encouraging all the pollinator and decomposer insects you want in a healthy garden. It's a sign of its retro style that this one has been named a 'bug motel'. And, as well as doing good, it's hard not to admire the wooden slanted roof and 'door' of the motel – as shown above – echoing the forms of mid-century architecture. 

In addition to the motel, you can also buy a slightly more conventional – but no less stylish – bird box. It's also made from wood, with a slanted roof, and using the same bright colours. 

You can order the bird box for £28.99, while the bug motel is £33.99. 

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Thoughtful gardener bird box