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Classic Clip: Telly Savalas Looks At 1970s Birmingham

Birmingham is ‘my kind of town’.

Not my words – the words of Telly Savalas, who was recruited to promote the city in the 1970s, courtesy of a mini travelogue shown in cinemas. And Telly Savalas Looks At Birmingham wasn’t the only flick of this type – Kojak also did films on places as far apart as Aberdeen and Portsmouth.

The story of these movies can be heard online on BBC Radio 4’s Quota Quickies. Or you can watch the film yourself below…it’s a real gem…

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Classic Clip: John Player cigarettes cinema ad from the 1970s

With public smoking bans in place in many countries, cigarette adverts seem very much of another era – if not another world. But this cinema advert for John Player cigarettes from the 1970s is one you really should see.

Not so much for the ciggies, more for the design on display in the affluent couples’ home. It’s the way I’d like to love my life – albeit without the cigarettes.

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Classic Clip: Metal Mickey – and it’s coming to DVD

Good news for fans of robot-based sitcoms – Metal Mickey is returning!

Yes, that early 80s kids show classic (I use the term loosely) is being issued by Network in January on DVD for the first time. So if you like the idea of reacquainting yourself with TV’s shabbiest-ever robot (just look at the hair) and his adopted family, save some of your Christmas money. And if you don’t know what I am talking about, check out the intro credits below, courtesy of YouTube…

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Classic Clip: Look at Life on ’60s fashion

Look at Life was a series shown in cinemas, and it’s yet another that makes me wish I could turn back time. It’s pretty hilarious to think that this is what Dispatches could be like if we lived forty years ago.

This wonderfully glib look at ‘Swinging London’ in the sixties features some fabulous clothes from all over the city, and some seriously cool cats showing off their style.