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Classic Clip: Yorkshire Disco Dancing Championships

Fondly remembered by students, layabouts and late night drinkers (surely that’s all of us at some point) is a night time show called In Bed With Medinner, hosted by Bob Mills, who sat on an Avengers-style set and pulled out some gems from the TV archives, then proceeded to rip them apart.

It was TV gold and happily, a number of clips have made it to YouTube. Check out this one from 1980 – the Yorkshire Disco Dancing Championships. Every bit as bad as it sounds. And if you enjoy this, check out the rest on YouTube, there’s a seemingly endless supply.

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Classic Clip: Look Around You

The first series of Look Around You spoofed the educational shows you might remember from your 70s and 80s schooldays (if you went to school in the UK). Even if you didn’t, you’ll probably enjoy the series – particularly this "module", which covered music in a neat nine-minute clip. Now, where can I get an MP3 of the "Little Mouse" track…?

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Cult Clip: The Persuaders

From the days when TV was aspirational rather than real, this is the opening scene from early 70s TV show The Persuaders. Enjoy the race between Danny (Tony Curtis) and Lord Brett (Roger Moore in particularly high-waisted trousers) from Nice Airport to Monaco in suitably sporty cars, with a great sunshine pop theme.

Shame the actual show wasn’t very good!

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Merry Christmas from Retro To Go and Charlie Brown

Well, seeing as it’s Christmas Day, we’re having a day off from posting (except this message obviously) but we’ll probably be back Boxing Day as this isn’t our job – we actually like writing about these things!

So a Merry Christmas to all our regular readers. And if you’re still not in the Christmas spirit, enjoy this vintage Charlie Brown Christmas on YouTube – you’ll be well into it by the end.