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Classic Clip: Learn to swim

Dave was obviously the "Ace Face" in the late 60s and early 70s – footballer, musician, scooter rider and owner of enormous hair. Unfortunately, he kept losing his "birds" because he couldn’t swim.

Yes, another public information film, this time informing us that if you can’t look the part in the pool, the girls will hate you. Watch and enjoy…

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Classic Clip: Crossing the road with Kevin Keegan

Footballers weren’t always in possession of loose morals, in the 70s they wandered our streets, helping the nation’s youth cross the busy roads, in particular, those trapped between two Austin Allegros.

Here, we see Kevin Keegan in action, dashing to the assistance of two hopeless pedestrians. If only today’s players were as public-spirited…

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Classic Clip: Nouvelle Vague / Bande a Part

This is fantastic on numerous levels. First, it’s a music video based on the famous dance sequence in classic 60s French movie Bande a Part. Secondly, it’s by Nouvelle Vague from their excellent album, also called Bande a Part and thirdly, it’s a cover of Lord Of The New Church’s Dance With Me – transformed from obscure goth track to superb laid back bossa groove.

Watch and enjoy…

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Classic Clip: Strange Caller

A great public information film that somehow doesn’t work. I think the idea of Strange Caller is to warn you of strange people trying to con their way into your house. In actual fact, it’s more like a government fill giving you tips on how to blag your way into someone’s house!

Either way, it’s worth a watch. Enjoy!