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Classic clip: A tour of Brasilia

Does any city look more space age than Brasilia? Designed from nothing in the 1960s by Architect Oscar Niemeyer, it's an amazing place that still looks ahead of its time 40 years on.

Check out this short film made for a BBC architecture show looking at the city today.

Classic Clip: Nouvelle Vague / Bande a Part

This is fantastic on numerous levels. First, it's a music video based on the famous dance sequence in classic 60s French movie Bande a Part. Secondly, it's by Nouvelle Vague from their excellent album, also called Bande a Part and thirdly, it's a cover of Lord Of The New Church's Dance With Me - transformed from obscure goth track to superb laid back bossa groove.

Watch and enjoy...

Classic Clip: Strange Caller

A great public information film that somehow doesn't work. I think the idea of Strange Caller is to warn you of strange people trying to con their way into your house. In actual fact, it's more like a government fill giving you tips on how to blag your way into someone's house!

Either way, it's worth a watch. Enjoy!

Classic Clip: The Sweeney in action

A real gem this time - The Sweeney in action, packing in more action in three minutes that most of today's shows get in an hour.

Check out a superb car chase featuring an old school villain's Jaguar and a Ford Granada, notice that Regan and Carter's driver is a bloke last seen as a big time villain in Eastenders and that one of the villains is Benny from Crossroads. And enjoy Carter's often-quoted classic final line.

Now go and buy The Sweeney DVD boxset. You'll not regret it.

Classic Clip: Wheeltappers and Shunters

Contrary to what you read today, the world wasn't swanning around in Biba frocks and driving Cinzano in the 70s - the average couple were more likely to be at the social club drinking cheap beer (and a port and lemon for the lady).

The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club
was a TV show that captured the northern social club at its height - bad acts, bad fashion, big hair and all the beer you could drink. Captured her is Kathy Kirby belting it out like a good 'un - but the real stars are the audience. Enjoy the 70s as it really was.


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