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Pixlr-o-matic - add retro effects to your iPhone snaps


Plenty of apps take retro or vintage imagery on your mobile phone, the pick  of which are featured here. But here's something to add retro effects to your existing photos - Pixlr-o-matic.

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The Warhol: D.I.Y. POP app for iPhone and iPad


Fancy creating your own Andy Warhol artwork on the go? You can with the newly-launched The Warhol: D.I.Y. POP app for iPhone and iPad.

The work of the Andy Warhol Museum, it's a way of turning your own photos into Warhol-style imagery - or 'digital silkscreen print' as they call it. Take a photo with your camera or use one from your library, then use crop, expose and underpaint to create your image. It might take time, but you'll get there eventually.

Also throwing in some words from artists and curators at The Warhol, plus 'inside information' on Warhol and his art, the app is available to download now, priced at £1.49.

Find out more at the iTunes website

Also, we're using Instragram right now for retro imagery. If you want to follow, check out 'retrotogo'. We'll happily follow you back.

Bauhaus Archive app brings modernism to the iPhone


It seems right that a cutting-edge design and architectural movement of the past has its own smartphone presence, as is the case with the Bauhaus Archive iPhone app.

According to Dexigner, this is an official app for both iPhone and iPod touch that opens up the Bauhaus archive via the exhibition The Bauhaus Collection: Originals of Classic Modernism. Over 100 images, along with commentary in English or German, some context as to what the Bauhaus movement achieved and some visitor information, should you fancy seeing the real thing in Berlin.

Best of all, it's a free download. Always a good thing.

Bauhaus Archive iPhone app

Free Super 8 vintage film shooting app for iPhone and iPad


It's actually a movie tie-in, but the Super 8 app for the iPhone and iPad is still one of the best apps around. Best of all? It's free too, making it a better proposition than the similar iSupr8 app.

Essentially it turns your mobile phone or tablet into a super 8 film camera, without the film obviously. You shoot at the touch of a button, with the option to switch lenses, throw in filters and add someshake effects.  When you are done, you send it off to be developed (another push of a button), then you can view it in your projector room (on our phone) or export it to a computer / share it with friends.

Seven lens effects in total, plus three animated filters, a scratch and dirt overlay and those shake effects offer real authenticity and as we said - it's absolutely free. Only free for a limited time though, so grab it now.

Find out more at the iTunes website

Atari's Greatest Hits app - 100 classic arcade games for the iPhone and iPad


Vintage gamers rejoice - your spare time is about to be sucked up with arrive of Atari's Greatest Hits for Apple's iPhone and iPad.

Not just one or two games - there are 100 available as part of this release. The app is free to download, but you only get the framework and an introductory game of Pong for that. If you want the rest of the games, you'll have to buy in-app, four packs costing 59p or all 100 cabinet / Atari 2600 games for £8.99. For that, you get the original artwork for each game, plus an authentic cabinet to play in.

Some of the games are Bluetooth-compatible too, so you can play with your mates wirelessly (as long as they've picked up the app too). See over the page for the full list of available games, with the app and games available now from the Apple app store.

Find out more at the iTunes website

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