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A Collection a Day Book

A Collection a Day is the result of a year long project undertaken by artist and serial hoarder Lisa Congdon.

Lisa decided to post a photograph of a different one of her many collections of old and unusual items on her blog every day for a year. The project ran throughout 2010 and featured a huge range of eclectic objects, from paper ephemera to vintage fishing lures and Yugoslavian enamel ladles. Some entries were imagined collections, drawn or painted by Lisa, but most are beautifully composed and phographed groupings of the minutiae of everyday life.

The book features full colour photographs of all 365 blog entries in chronological order, has over 400 pages and is more than an inch thick.

It costs $35.00 and comes in a collector's tin – you can buy a copy signed by Lisa herself here

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Keep Calm-o-matic

Yes, the image you see before you is yet another variation on the Keep Calm and Carry On poster, but this is a Keep Calm product with a difference. ..

This poster was generated using the site Keep Calm-o-matic, a site that allows visitors to create their own Keep Calm parodies. As well as adding your own witty statement, the site also allows you to change the colour of the background and text and offers a choice of graphics and font faces. Once you are happy with your creation, you can save it and then have it printed as a poster.

Prices start from £8.80 and rise according to the print size, paper choice and framing. Visit Keep Cal-o-matic to try it for yourself.

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Switched On Set is back with a bang


We've neglected it for a while, but Switched On Set is back and being regularly updated once more.

For the unintiated, it's the modern flipside of Retro To Go, with pretty much the same subject matter covered, only without the retro – just interesting, art, design, homeware, gadgets..etc etc.

So if you like the idea of a Paul Smith chess set, the return of the Boombox for the modern era, a DJ-friendly BPM watch or a Christmas lights tower, it's all there and more. You can follow on Twitter too – check out @switchedonset or simply add to your RSS reader.

Switched On Set website

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His Knibs website lands on Facebook and Twitter


Some of you will know that we started a spin-off site recently called His Knibs, covering what you can loosely call men's style. And it's now available on both Twitter and Facebook, if you want to keep updated with minimal effort.

If you missed it first time around, the site will essentially be digging a bit deeper to cover classic and heritage brands, as well as modern brands with a classic twist. If you like your clobber, you'll probably find something to appreciate.

The site is now live and has plenty of items already online, but with requests for both Twitter and Facebook coming in, we've decided to set up both. If you want to follow the site via either, here are the links you'll need.

His Knibs on Facebook

His Knibs on Twitter

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Cult Clip: The House of a Dream from British Pathe

Remember we told you that the classic modernist High & Over house in Amersham, Bucks was up for sale? Well, here's an amazing movie about it, dating back to 1931, the year the house was built.

Just click on the freeze frame image to view the short movie from Pathetone Weekly (part of British Pathe), which is a newsreel of the brand new house, the setting (before houses were built around it) and the people who first lived in it.

Check it out below and if you want to see the house today, there's a sales open day this Saturday, May 15th 2010. More on the sale here.

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Electric Roulette site gets re-launch


Sometimes things have to 'give' in a working day – and for us, that's been Electric Roulette of late, with not enough hours in the day to give our music and pop culture site a daily update. All that has now changed.

Yes, Electric Roulette is back to being updated each and every day, covering music (of course), along with movies, pop culture, interesting online bits and pieces and well…anything we find that might be of interest. We even had a cardboard cut-out of Liberace in hot pants yesterday – where else would you find that?

Check it out now and each and every weekday.

Electric Roulette website