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Wallpaper from the 70s website


It isn’t obvious from the Germany-based website “Wallpaper from the 70s” whether all of their wallpapers are vintage rolls from the 1970s or if they are just based on designs from that era. Either way, they stock a great selection of wallpapers.

Their stock is arranged by style; Floral, Baroque, Romantic, Glamorous, Surreal and Abstract. The wildest designs are probably to be found in those last two categories, which includes Apollo (pictured here), a pattern I recognise from some curtains we had back in the Seventies! There are more subtle designs then this one though.

There is a gallery section on the website, so you can view most of the patterns in situ which is great for inspiration. The prices of the wallpapers vary a lot depending on the style, but there is a helpful currency converter and they do ship worldwide.

Browse the whole collection at Wallpaper From the 70s.

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Download and make your own Hermes Kelly handbag


Buying one would mean a waiting list of at least three years and a price tag up to £30.000. Buy you can actually download your own Hermes Kelly bag right now for free.

The original was introduced in 1935, but gained the ‘Kelly’ name much later with its associations with the actress Grace Kelly. The downloadable version is much more modest than the exclusive leather version – made of paper, but with the option to customise.

Just download the PDF, print it out, cut it out, then glue the parts together. You’ll have your very own designer bag – for the price of the printer ink.

Download the bag from the Hermes USA website

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Been on Electric Roulette lately?

If you like your tunes, you really need to check out Electric Roulette – our daily news, reviews and features site for all things music.

And not just any music – we leave the over-hyped rubbish to everyone else. Instead, Electric Roulette goes for the cult, the classic, the unknown and the best new bands. And as we don’t get paid off with luxury trips from the record labels, we tell it how it is.

New stuff today includes a beginner’s guide to Gram Parsons, the Glastonbury line-up (featuring Shakin’ Stevens would you believe), news, reviews and the latest singles releases with Peter Stringfellow. And there’s even more of the same tomorrow and every day.

Visit the Electric Roulette website

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Merrow Associates website launches


We have a problem – like many people, we collect Merrow Associates furniture designs, but there’s very few resources in print or online for the company. So we have launched one – the Merrow Associates website.

The site is very much a labour of love and will not be updated daily – just when we see any new items, discover new information, see any auctions or have anything interesting to say about the company.

Over time, we hope it will build up as a worthwhile online resource, helping you pick your way through the vague eBay listings and (often) inflated prices demanded by vintage retailers. If you can help or have something to add, please get in touch.

Visit the Merrow Associates website

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Kavel Rafferty’s Etsy Shop opens for business


One of our favourite illustrators – Kavel Rafferty – has just opened the doors on her new Etsy Shop.

The first batch of items includes original art, prints, notebooks, cards and leather goods, with other design and homeware to follow. And that includes these hand-printed cards, part of a range that are hand-printed on recycled card and sold with a matching ‘craft’ envelope.

Each retails for $4.70 (around £2.35).

Find out more at Kavel’s Etsy Shop

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Muxtape – create and swap mix tapes online without the cassette


The end of the cassette has meant the end of the mix tape – or has it? Well no – you can now do it online with the Muxtape.

Yes, this is old-style music sharing for the modern age. All you do is sign up (takes about 10 seconds), upload your 12 favourite tunes, then pass out the link to your Muxtape to your friends. They just follow that link to hear your mix (or ‘Mux’ if you like). It’s that simple.

It’s a new service that’s likely to see some improvements (like customising your tapes) in the near future, But for now, just enjoy a very simple (and free) idea.

Find out more at the Muxtape website