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Feature: Modern-day mod fashion labels

Dnagroove_blogThe more astute of you will realise that we run more sites than just this one. In fact, we have one that's been going for many years longer than Retro To Go - the Modculture website. And just published on that site is a new article covering the mod look of today, titled modern-day mod labels.

Essentially, it's a pick of the labels you can find online or on your local high street, carefully avoiding the target-branded rubbish you might see in various bargain bins and low-end retailers. I think you know who we are referring to!

Anyway, you might not agree with the selection of labels (for both men and women) on the site, but if you have any interest in the look, I'm sure you'll want to check it out. You can by following the lnk below.

Read the modern-day mod labels article at Modculture

Reproduction retro artifacts from PopHouse

897s_supremesIt seems a shame that there's not more reproduction of great vintage artwork and gig posters, but there's a few more fantastically quirky choices available right now thanks to Pop House.

They sell a huge range of retro artifacts, from Betty Boop signs to Lone Ranger TV badges. My favourite item, though, has to be this fantastic reproduction of a Supremes poster.

The art is fantastic, and its surely a must have for any Girl Groups devotee. At a bargain cost of $10.95, how can you resist?

Find out more at the PopHouse website

Retro Patterned Baby's Bib

BibEtsy has long been a favourite hunting ground for little craft pieces, unique jewellery and art, so I was delighted to discover a similar site, Dawanda, another treasure trove of handmade goodies.

Dawanda is a German based site and it can be viewed in German, French or English. A cursory browse today brought up this lovely Retro Patterned Baby’s Bib. The description for this product is unfortunately in German (unfortunate for me that is as my German is beyond rusty), but there probably isn’t much that can be said about it. It is a baby’s bib, made out of vintage 1970s fabric and it costs 11.50 Euros (approximately £8.50).

To buy one visit the Kaku Unicum store on Dawanda.

Beginner's Guide To... Sesame Street Records

Lproosevelt Over at Electric Roulette, our latest Beginner's Guide is a true classic - the Beginner's Guide To... Sesame Street Records.

Yes, between 1974 and 1984, Sesame Street was pumping out records with an educational slant, some of them rubbish, some of them really very good. Which ones should you buy? Well a couple really stand out - read the full breakdown over the Electric Roulette site...

This and much more music at the Electric Roulette website

Wanted: Your retro photos


Prompted by the frankly shocking recent demolition of the art deco Odeon in my hometown of Bolton by the local council (see above, pictured in its heyday), we have decided to start some sort of gallery of our disappearing heritage for Retro To Go - and we want your photos.

If you have any interesting buildings in your town or city and want to take a picture of them, we would love to feature them. The best ones will be highlighted on the website, with the remainder all featuring in a gallery we will set up. If it proves popular, we'll extend the gallery to various other retro items.

Anything interesting, anything quirky - from large buildings to interesting small shops or hairdressers, we want to see them all. If you can email to us at with some brief details of the building featured, we will do the rest. Get them snapped before the developers knock them down and replace with more apartments and car parks.

Send your photos to Retro To Go

What's on your Christmas list?

Retroforums I've just posted a list of things I'd quite like for Christmas on the Retro To Go Forums - and I'll doubtless add to it as the days pass (and I see more things I want!).

So, what do you want for Christmas? Feel free to add to the discussion at the Retro To Go Forums and who knows...someone you know might read it and buy you that very thing!

If you haven't signed up to the Forums as yet, it only takes a few seconds of your time, then you can access the boards and all the 'extra' areas that non-members can't see.

Have your says on the Retro To Go Forums

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