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Gingerbread Man Jewellery from Kitsch-tique


While the number one cutesy charm in retro jewellery at the moment seems to be cupcakes of all shapes and sizes, there's another sweet treat that has caught our eye. From online jewellery retailers Kitsch-tique these Gingerbread Man Jewellery pieces have all the kitsch appeal of cupcake necklaces, without falling foul of cliché.

Available as a pair of simple stud earrings or a small pendant necklace, the jewels are made from plastic buttons in an edible shade of gingerbread brown. Thanks to their simple and light materials, they're a bit of a bargain to boot.

Get them online from Kitsch-tique at £4.50 for the necklace or £3 for the earrings.

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Bow Neck Jacket by Christian Dior


Classic suiting and tailored items are very much the order of the day in women's retro fashion, thanks in large part to the popularity of Mad Men. Thankfully this means many more truly vintage inspired pieces for all of us, like this Bow Neck Jacket from Christian Dior.

This jacket's exceptional tailoring and structure have an instantly late fifties/early sixties impact. The ideal choice of outerwear for either a sharp work environment or a special social event, this is one of few designer pieces that will really belong in (and out of) your wardrobe for years to come.

Made from 100% wool, it'll set you back £1300 from Browns.

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Nautical Button Front Shorts from Matalan


Though the current weather may seem too good to be true, the warmer months are certainly around the corner, broadening the possibilities for our wardrobes. Shorts are a great choice for retro looks when done with flair, like this Nautical pair from Matalan.

With a surprising eye for fifties detail from the budget retailer, these matelot-fronted shorts hit the mark with a 50s version of sailor-inspired style. A wide-legged cut with turn ups means they capture the tailored formality of retro style, while a bright shade of red adds some rockabilly-inspired vampish appeal.

Get them now from Matalan for just £8.

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