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Make a City London postcard set

Make a City London

Yesterday we showed you tiles based on postcards from the '50s and '60s but for an alternate tourist take with a distinctly retro feel, try this Make A City London postcard set

The set features five designs to cut-out and stick together that are based around a very nostalgic view of the city including rock and roll and fish and chips and, of course, the Routemaster bus. The designs are executed in bright colours and have a very Pop feel. In fact, given the subject matter of the postcards they'd have probably been as applicable in 'Swinging London' as they are now. 

At only £3 for a set, they're as cheap as the chips they illustrate. 

Buy it from The Museum of London shop

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Britpop wallpaper at Wallpaper Space


If Noel Gallagher is looking to do a spot of decorating to take his mind off the Oasis split, he may well be interested in this Britpop wallpaper from Wallpaper Space. Not only does it revive that 1990s era when he was at his peak in popularity but of course, by default, it reflects Britpop's obsession with the sixties. Handily it also fits well with the trend for union jack patriotism that's going on in interior design right now.   

The wallpaper is printed with newspaper stories from the nineties, superimposed with union jack patterned shapes of dogs, phone boxes, minis and (especially for you Noel) guitars. The paper is shown in its most traditional red, white and blue colour way above but also comes in, what Wallpaper Space describes as poptastic pink, camouflage green, urban grey or liquorice black. All the papers have a matt finish.   

The paper costs £55 a roll from the Wallpaper Space website