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Forget Paris Dress by EC Star


For faithfully sixties mod looks it's hard to go wrong with sharp and stylish monochrome. This Forget Paris Dress by EC Star has a pitch-perfect mid-sixties style, thanks to its angular print and sleek silhouette.

The combination of a mini hemline with a high polo neck and short sleeves makes for an effective retro silhouette, countering the daring length with a bust-minimising top. The use of monochrome zigzag pattern provides a unique and stylish twist on classic stripes, while keeping the mod influence intact.

Get it online from EC Star for $109.

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Lace Shift Dress from Miss Selfridge Petites


With the recent comeback of lace fabrics on the high street there has been plenty of 1980s influence going along with it. The fabric can be utilised in a huge range of retro looks, however, as shown by this Lace Shift Dress from Miss Selfridge.

With a sixties feeling that's immediately evident, this dress uses the textured lace fabric to create a simple but stylish mid-decade look. The cream and black colour palette combines easily to enhance the sharp structural detailing of the collar, pockets and mini hemline.

Get it from Miss Selfridge's Petites section now for £42.

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Monochrome Sleeveless Blouse from Oasis


Sometimes the easiest way to find the ideal retro wardrobe staple is to go for simplicity. That's especially evident with this Contrast Formal Top from Oasis, delivering a versatile and classic monochrome blouse that you'll wear over and over.

The sleeveless cut combines with a loose, luxurious fit to create a high end turn of the sixties feeling. The contrasting black is used sparingly as trim at the sleeves and collar, creating a sharp and neat shape. The added bow brings a feminine edge that assures a vintage edge.

Get it now from Oasis for £40.

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Dita Twistlock Bag by Oasis


While statement accessories are an easy way to inject some vintage prints and designs into your wardrobe, classic handbags and monochrome colour schemes are a perennial retro classic. This Dita Twistlock Bag from Oasis combines classic and understated design with a colourscheme that you can wear with almost anything.

Perfect for everyday use, the monochrome palette looks sharp and sleek, with great lines throughout. Made from a faux leather fabric, this bag is ideal for a variety of vintage looks, from fifties right up to the eighties.

Get it from Oasis now for £35.

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Pronto High Heeled Shoes from Dune


The details are what can make or break a truly vintage look, and if you're into a top-to-toe retro style then accessories are worth investment. This pair of Pronto Shoes from Dune tap into a sixties-inspired luxury to create the ideal accessory for a decadent retro look.

With a high end feeling beyond their price tag, the monochrome colouring makes this pair. Bold graphic lines evoke a design somewhere between Mondrian and Chanel. While the stiletto may be a lot more modern, it never takes away from the simplicity of a shoe that can be paired with a great variety of vintage inspired styles.

Get them now from Dune for £95.

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