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Lov Li Journals

Lov Li works with a range of illustrators and designers to create their stationery products, which include a collection of retro-themed journals.

Each journal has a suggested use (travel, music, poetry, recipes, fashion, car boot sales) with a whimsical illustration to match. Whilst you may no longer need a place to write your poems or list the records you want to buy, I’m sure most people can find a use for notebook.

They cost £4 each and are available to buy from the Lov Li store on Not on the High Street.

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Mug book from Larken Designs

Larken mug book
Larken designs have created an unusual update of a mug book, normally a collection of photographs of criminals. In this case, they are handmade notebooks, decorated with the image of a vintage mug shot. The images date to the mid 1950s judging by the placards featured on the images. Take your pick from the woman shown or an equivalent era man. 

If you like the look of these, take a look at some of the mug shot posters also offered by this Cincinnati based design duo. 

The book costs $10. 

Buy it from their Etsy store

via Where the Lovely Things Are

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VHS Notebooks

There was a time when people disguised their videos in cases that looked like book covers, but now it is nearly obsolete, it seems other products are being made to look like videotapes as with these VHS Notebooks.

There are two options available, either a plain sketchpad or lined notebook. Both measure 19.5cm by 11cmand are supplied in cardboard slip covers, just like the kind that covered blank videotapes.

They cost £12.95 from Pedlars.

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Beautiful Britain vintage notebooks

Beautiful britain notebooks
Chiming perfectly with current trends are these Beautiful Britain vintage notebooks.

The cloth bound notebooks are decorated with the distinctive book cover artwork of Brian Cook, produced for the Batsford guides to Britain from the 1930s through to the 1950s. There are four different designs to pick from: The Face of Scotland is shown above, or you could go for The Landscapes of England, The Spirit of London or The Inns of England. Perfect for taking on your own travels around the UK. 

The notebooks are all selling for £6.29 each, with the exception of The Landscapes of England which you can buy for £5.29, all from Amazon.

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Vivienne Westwood squiggle notebook

Squiggle notebookCelebrate one of Vivienne Westwood's most recognisable prints with this squiggle notebook.

One of the products on sale at the revamped Vivienne Westwood website, this notebook is covered with the squiggle pattern which was first used in the 1981 Pirates collection – the collection noted for kick-starting the look of the New Romantics movement. Since then the pattern has turned up as part of Westwood's range for the Rug company and in her wallpapers for Cole & Son, as well as being reinvented in subsequent fashion collections. 

The notebook is made from recycled paper and each page is also marked with another Westwood trademark – her orb. 

An ideal gift, the notebook costs £25. 

See it online

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Pac-Man limited edition Moleskine

To add to the long list of Pac-Man products we've featured recently, here the game features on a limited edition Moleskin notebook.

Produced to mark the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, you can take your pick from two different sizes, each containing 192 lined pages. Executed in the black and yellow you'd associate with the game, the smaller notebook is decorated with pixellated imagery from the game while the larger notebook's cover is embossed with a version of the game screen. Both notebooks come complete with a Ghost lurking in the inside cover and a set of Pac-Man sticker inserts. 

The smaller notebook is £11.99 while you can buy the larger notebook for £14.99. A stocking filler for an ex-gamer possibly? 

Buy them online