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Ensemble print from Moxy Creative House

The story of Rock 'n' Roll has been told in many ways but this Ensemble print from Moxy Creative House uses twenty of music's most stylish dressers. Each musician is represented by one of their most distinctive outfits.

While there are some pretty uninspiring choices on there – Pete Doherty and Brandon Flowers for example – there are lots more that are likely to appeal, crossing musical genres: take your pick from Bob Dylan, Chet Baker, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Elvis, Kiss and Run DMC just for starters. The design is bound to amuse but also to prompt many discussions about its selection (no Bowie? no female stars? etc etc). 

You can buy the print showing all twenty outfits together or, if you have a particular favourite, prints of each ensemble are available individually too. 

Each print costs $30. 

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Jump, Jive and Shout club night in London


We don't feature many club nights, usually the ones that jump out from the crowd – like this Jump, Jive and Shout club night in London.

It's a club night from a different era. At least, that's the premise, with a soundtrack of lively, pounding, pulsating 1940s/50s rhythm n blues, jump jive, boogie woogie, doo wop, blues shouters and more, played out on the second and third Tuesday of the month with DJ Salome Jackson. Not just records either, live music too, ranging from boogie woogie/rock n roll piano pounders to rockabilly trios, girl groups,western swing and country boogie combos, and jump jive bands.

For the diary, Tuesday 8th February is Jamie Rowan’s Boogie Lightnin’ and Tuesday 15th February is The Muleskinners. It runs from 8pm until midnight, entry is £5 on the door and it takes place at The Fiddler’s Elbow 1 Malden Road London NW5 3HS.

Email here for more details

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Leather Fisherman’s Vest by Shakuhachi


One of the lesser seen retro trends in mainstream fashion is glam and punk rock, for obvious reasons thanks to the seventies scene's penchant for the occasionally ridiculous. But with a resurgance in the decade's chick-rocker style coming up, more wearable items are making their way onto the rails.

With the new Runaways biopic hitting screens, items like this Leather Vest by designer house Shakuhachi are clearly taking inspiration from the style of Joan Jett and her peers. While it's not easy to pull off a style like this, classic black leather makes this vest a more wearable option for those of us who want to take the look offstage.

Get it now from Urban Outfitters UK for £235, from their boutique lines.

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