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Dice as Nice Dress by Eva Franco


For unmistakeably vintage inspired looks it's often the most simplistic pieces that have the most impact, opting for meticulous design and manufacturing instead of over-the-top retro details. This Dice As Nice Dress by designer Eva Franco has a chic structure that creates an instant fifties feel.

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Spot Print Playsuit from Oasis


All in one playsuits and jumpsuits were almost impossible to find on the high street or from retro designers just a few years ago, but now they're available in abundance thanks to the ever-expanding influence of vintage fashion on the mainstream.

This Spot Print Jumpsuit from Oasis is a cutesy and easy to wear summer version, basing its style on fifties and sixties looks. The halter neck design ensures a feminine balance to the city shorts style of the bottom, while a mid shade of red adds a classic and luxurious feel.

It's available now from Oasis for £50.

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Button Front Cape Blouse by Pippa Lynn


When we think of sixties cape styles, most people recall luxurious coats and jackets. The unique silhouette wasn't just used in outerwear however, making this Pippa Lynn Cape Blouse a chic little sixties look item that stands out from the crowd.

The use of a flowing fabric allows for the swing shape to really shine, with a collarless neckline and three quarter sleeve length giving some delicate and subtle femininity. The use of a warm beige and red polka dot print adds some cutesy retro charm in keeping with the vintage inspiration.

Get yours online now from ASOS for £48.

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Coral Spot Cami from Dorothy Perkins

With all the super sexy retro looks inspiring designers lately, it’s easy to forget that in women’s fashion cute was once king. Every so often, however, an unashamedly girly item hits the shelves, like this Coral Spot Cami from Dorothy Perkins.

The top’s shape is just fitted enough at the bustline to remain subtle, while the flowing fabric from the waist keeps it light. With a polka dot print and coral shade, this is an item you can easily pair with fifties or sixties looks to create a daytime look that’s simply darling.

It’s available now from Dorothy Perkins for £28.

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Sleeveless Shirt Dress from Topshop Petite


When we think of summer dresses it's often florals and bright colours that spring to mind. Just because the weather is brighter, however, doesn't mean more sultry shades are unwelcomed in fashion. Ideally using a very retro shade of brown, this Sleeveless Shirt Dress from Topshop Petite is effortlessly summery.

The sleeveless shirt cut has a subte sixties feel, enhanced by the scalloped Peter Pan collar and button-up front. The lightly cinched waist allows for a sharp silhouette, along with a feminine and flowing skirt shape. The tan brown colour choice is lifted with a white polka dot, while retaining that very sixties shade.

It's available now from Topshop for £32.

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Blue Spot Blouse from Topshop


For a truly timeless sixties look simplicity is often the key, with the mid-decade styles relying on great cuts and fabric choices to create a sharp style. This Blue Spot Blouse from Topshop imitates that aesthetic well, offering a top with a subtle chic.

The use of a slightly sheer chiffon fabric adds some daring femininity to a conservatively cut shirt with long sleeves and high collar. The peter pan collar, combined with a peep hole notch at the back, add unmistakeably retro elements, along with a simple dark blue polka dot print.

Get it from Topshop for £38.

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