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Buy Lulu’s 60s wedding dress

Lulu Whilst browsing the always-interesting Bayraider site, I noticed this gem of a wedding dress that’s sure to be of interest to any self-respecting retro-styled girl with one eye on the aisle.

It’s Lulu’s wedding dress – the one she wore when she got hooked up with Bee Gee Maurice Gibb in 1969 – and a more "60s" dress you couldn’t hope to find.

The wedding mini-dress, made of white watered silk, slips into a matching sleeveless Cossack-style ankle-length hooded wedding coat. It was bought by the seller at a charity auction in the 80s.

The downside? It’s trimmed with real ivory mink for a start and there’s a few fastenings missing at the bottom of the coat. And of course the starting price, a whopping $7,500. Unsurprisingly, no bids have been entered yet, so you’re still in with a "shout".

Check out Lulu’s wedding dress on eBay plus more pictures

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