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Free Wicker Man DVD

Wickerman Christopher Lee as the mad Laird, Edward Woodward as the bible-bashing bobby and Britt Eckland writhing around semi nude – all combining with some very clever plotwork to bring us a genuine cult classic – The Wicker Man.

If you’ve never seen it, shame on you. If you’ve never got round to buying it, you can get one for free with Saturday’s Guardian – the latest shot in the newspaper circulation war. What version will it be? Who knows – they’ve chopped it up, re-found bits, lost other bits to the point where no-one really knows what the definitive edition really is anymore!  If, like me, you’re a genuine fan, I recommend buying the version in the wooden box, which includes both the mutilated version and the longer restored version from Anchor Bay.

Even the shortened version will be inifinitely better than the proposed Hollywood remake, featuring "Mr one dimension" Nicholas Cage in the lead! Pray it never happens….