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Hip retro cycle wear

Rapha Exercise – it might be good for you, but you can’t look cool in oversized trainers and a sweat-soaked t-shirt. If that’s you, it might be worth investigating cycling. It’s easy to do, fairly cheap and it gives you a good reason to buy some of the Rapha range of vintage cycling gear.

Check out this merino shirt. It’s made from pure top grade merino wool and features 1950s styling (it’s based on period tops of the day) – full collar, tailored sleeves, cut longer at the back, ebony/mother of pearl buttons, front pocket with two buttons and a choice of short or long sleeves and various colours. Not cheap – £130 for the long sleeve and £90 for the short – but it’s infinitely more cool than a football shirt.

This and other cool cycle wear can be found at I’ve got my eye on the race bag that’s coming out in March…if I can justify the £250 price tag!