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Hire a classic car

Etype1_1 I always thought classic cars were for rich folk, those undergoing mid-life crises and the truly dull enthusiast who spends a large part of their hard-earned cash on a membership of a car club, on the off chance of driving a Ferrari on a track for 10 minutes every year.

Well, to be honest, that probably true. But I’m sure many of us fancy taking out a classic car on a nice summer’s day round a country road or two – the wind in your hair and the exhaust funes up your nose. well, you can.

The Historic and Classic Car Hirer’s Guild have various branches dotted round the country with a nice selection of true classics in each branch – available for hire by day, weekend and week, with no mileage limit, fully comp insurance, breakdown recovery and a full tank of fuel.

My local branch has an Austin Healey, an MGB, 2 Jags (E-Type and Mk II) and a Sunbeam Tiger. Prices start from £160 per day, moving to around £900 if you want the E-Type (pictured) for an entire week.

For details of your nearest branch visit

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