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Public information films

Publicinfo Do you remember public information films? For those of you too young or not from the UK, these were short government films designed to scare the s**t out of you to stop you from doing things, like driving without a seatbelt, polishing a floor too much, getting in cars with strange men etc etc.

Anyway, the BBC website is celebrating these films by adding one from their archives every weekday this month.

There’s plenty online already, including Jimmy Saville telling "you ladies" to wear seatbelts (with image of scarred woman to make the point), Joe & Petunia at the seaside, a mini horror warning of the dangers of water, the Green Cross Man and best of all, the most 60s cartoon ever to get young girls to go and see their careers officer. Oh, and ladies, control yourselves, there’s also Rolf Harris in a pair of trunks.

You can view them at:

– all other clips can be viewed from the dropdown box at the top right hand column. Might be as well to bookmark it and check daily for more strange and wonderful mini films from the archive.