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Retro flight bags

Inretro_1 It’s funny how something given away as a matter of course can end up being worth a pretty penny. Take vintage flight bags – eBay is full of them, many commanding a hefty price tag.

They weren’t particularly well-made items, so the reproduction bags aren’t a million miles away from the orginals. Most of the repro bags are available from In Retro, a mail order company based in Thailand (and probably the place where your local retro retailer buys from too). They have all the major airlines in varying styles, along with other "retro" bags including Vespa branded (but unlikely to have been endorsed) items.

Prices are around the £15 and postage to the UK is around the £5 I believe, but check before you order. They also do deals for bulk buying if a few catch your eye!

Visit the In Retro website

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