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Retro internet phone

Retroskype_1 If you make your calls on the internet using a Skype phone, this is for you. For those who don't know what Skype is, you can use your broadband connection to make free (or cheap) calls all over the world with Skype and other similar companies. Just connect a phone, add the software and away you go.

Anyway, if that appeals to you, why not do it in a retro styl-ee. This Hulger retro phone (which is also available in a girly pink) can take you back to the door when phones had dials, computers only existed in labs and white dog droppings were all the rage.

If you don't make net calls, note that you can also use this with your mobile – plug it in and speak to your mates with a 'proper' handset. Mobiles don't get any more retro than this!

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