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Terry O’Neill photo exhibition

Oneill Terry O’Neill is renowned as one the finest photographers that Britain has produced, and his classic images from the 60s and 70s include portraits of some of the most striking faces of our time. Don’t believe me? Well, you can decide for yourself if you visit the Chris Beetles Arts Gallery.

Classic images of Jean Shrimpton and Terence Stamp, Brian Jones and Marianne Faithfull are juxtaposed against lesser known and previously unseen portraits.

If you fancy taking home an example to hang on your wall, a classic portrait of David Hemmings driving a sports car is available for £1400. Not cheap, but it can only go up in value and could be a very shrewd investment.

And if you can’t make down to London, don’t despair – you can browse some of the highlights online.

Check out the exhibition at the Chris Beetles gallery

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