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The wooden LCD TV

Hannswood TVs these days – choice of shiny silver or shiny black, you can’t tell one from the other. So let’s all rejoice that Hannspree are here to make the big boys look creatively redundant.

They have some genuinely weird and wonderful TVs, but for me, the pick has to be their Hannswood 10-inch LCD telly. Firstly, it’s made of wood. Secondly, it’s got that great retro TV antenna on the top,. Thirdly, it’s got a "clay-like" back with an old pottery look and finally – it doesn’t want to blend into your bland minimalist living room – it wants to be seen!

The Hannwood TV is available in the US for $299. But the good news is that Hannspree are making their TV sets available in the UK this year. Watch this space.

Check out the full Hannspree TV range

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