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2 Tone photo gallery

Mirandabodysnatc 2 Tone exploded into UK popular culture at the back end of 1979 – and by 1980 it was huge – the bands dominated the charts, everyone wanted the black ‘n’ white merchandising and there was even a film – Dance Craze – playing to packed cinemas. And then it departed almost as quickly as it came as the main bands split, ran out of steam or just blended into the rest of the pop scene.

If you want to re-live the time when 2 Tone was at its height, have a look at the 2 Tone Archive gallery. The photos here were all taken between February 28th – May 3rd 1980 by Toni Tye for a proposed book on 2 Tone at the rehearsals & the gigs for the ‘Dance Craze’ film. Rather than traditional gig shots, the images focused on the crowd and the bands backstage.

Most of the images were hidden away until 2005, but are now on display in Coventry after a recent exhibition in Brighton. If you want to save on the bus fare, you can view many of the photos online now and order large-sized prints if any take your fancy.

Visit the 2 Tone Archive gallery

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