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60s gig posters

Stones Cheap and bad ‘retro’ art is everywhere these days – and it’s all down to those companies that flood the shops and the net with bad attempted pop art prints of 60s icons (or Paul Weller). It’s not well done, it’s not collectable and it’s certainly not original.

If you want something interesting – and something that could be worth a few quid in years to come, why not have a look at these 60s gig posters on Modculture.

A mix of original posters and limited edition re-prints, all created by poster pioneer Colin Duffield for Sheffield’s legendary Club Mojo (run by Peter Stringfellow would you believe). From the Small Faces and The Who to Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd – not to mention the Beatles and the Rolling Stones – all played there and Colin did artwork for the lot.

You can buy them now from just £40 each, signed, with a certificate of authenticity. Colin is well into his 80s now, so is unlikely to do anymore – so get in now.

See the full range of posters

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