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Elevenses With Twiggy

Twiggy_1 You can’t beat a good Radio 4 play to get you through the afternoon, and if it’s got a vaguely interesting subject matter, all the better –  and that’s definitely the case with Elevenses with Twiggy.

stars as herself aged 19 in this BBC Radio 4 play about the swinging sixties. According to the BBC, the play is about two brothers who travel to London to meet the model for dinner, or to quote the press release:

‘There’s folk going to the moon and I can’t even shift myself as far as Aberdeen’. The 1960s are nearly over and young Jackie Addison is running out of time if he’s going to make it south to Swinging London.

According to Twiggy: "It’s about more than just the boys meeting their idol, it’s about life and what it offers you and how some people grasp hold of that, the road less travelled."

Make up your own mind about it by tuning into Radio 4 on 30th March at 2:15pm and tell us what you think.

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