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Illinois Street Lounge

IllstreetIt may not surprise you to know that we sit at our computer for long hours to bring you the best of all things retro. And while we do it, we tend to listen to a lot of music. To stave off bankruptcy from CD buying, we’ve really been getting into internet radio. It’s amazing how net radio has progressed, with many shows as good, if not better, than the mainstream stations.

Our current favourite is Illinois Street Lounge from the excellent Soma FM. It’s pure retro – a heady non-stop mix (that means no DJ) of breezy easy, lounge, latin, exotica, soundtracks and anything else that would make your cocktail party go with a swing. It’s the musical equivalent of a Shag painting and it’s all in MP3 quality.

Listen to Illinois Street Lounge at And don’t forget the Martini.

Soma FM is listener-supported, commercial-free radio broadcasting. If you like what you hear and listen regularly, consider dropping them a small token of your appreciation – it will keep all of their shows on the air.

Do you know of any other cool online radio shows? Let us know by commenting below.

Visit the Soma FM website

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