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Latest Dr Who action figure

Whofigure Here at Retro Towers, we desperately wanted to dislike the latest Doctor Who. In its heyday, the show was a TV classic – wobbly sets, rubber monsters and hammy acting, but held together by some of the best scriptwriters around. Surely a modern day Doctor would lack the charm of his predecessors?

We were wrong. Ok, the big budget has knocked out some of the show’s old charm, but the writing’s top notch – and that’s what makes the difference between success and failure. And the BBC has wasted no time in capitalising in the merchandising stakes. Presented here is the David Tennant toy. Despite looking a bit like a Quadrophenia extra on his day off, you have to admit, it’s a canny likeness.

The figure is five inches tall and is one of twelve 5" figures that are either in stores now or being launched over the next few months. Also available will be the Doctor in long coat with sonic screwdriver and a Rose Tyler action figure, teamed up with old-school box on wheels, K-9. Sadly, no sign of a Tom Baker, Jon Pertwee or a Sea Devil.

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