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Old school MP3 player

Signeo It seems like all designers are scared of creating MP3 players that don’t look like iPods. After all, it is the brand leader, so why not copy it?

Thankfully, some designers do still have the capacity to think. Take Marc Newsome, he’s put together this rather cool, retro-styled Signeo AN-A800, which looks less like a modern gadget and more like an old calculator.

Available in black, blue and yellow, it’s got big round buttons and an old school round display. You can get it in 512MB and 1GB sizes, both with an FM radio and a voice recorder. You can even record from your radio to MP3.

This retro gem is priced at £100 for the 512MB model and £145 for the 1GB player.

Find out more at the Dynamism website

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