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Rapha race bag

Racebag_primary We’ve mentioned Rapha’s range of cool cycling wear and accessories before. Check out their Merino cycling top as an example of a really stylish piece of vintage sportswear.

They also regularly release limited edition items, which are publicised through their mailing list, the latest of which is the Rapha race bag.

It’s effectively a holdall made from a durable canvas with leather corners and straps. It features a "repeat chain" design, pink lining, zipped tool pocket, chunky Riri zip and a discrete Rapha logo. The bags are handmade in England.

Not the best item they’ve issued and at £250, a bit on the pricey side for me. But it is worth signing up to Rapha’s mailing list to get first refusal on the items they do get right.

Check out the Rapha website

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