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ScootElectric retro scooter

Scootelectric Most (if not all) "twist and go" scooters fail to capture the classic vintage look – and after scooting (sorry) around ScootElectric’s site, I can safely say the same about environmentally-friendly electric ones too. But at least the EVT 168 retro scooter makes an effort. In truth, it’s not bad looking at all, with chrome detailing, big dials and big bold colours (a choice of Go-Go Green. Brighton Blue and Mod Maroon).

For those of you who want the technical details, it has a high-efficiency direct drive hub motor, PWM intelligent system controller, sprint and economy modes, self diagnostic function, battery and motor protection system and a portable charger.

Don’t expect to burn anyone off on the open road – the maximum speed is limited to 28mph and it travels up to 30 miles between charges. So in other words, this is strictly for commuting around town. But if that’s what you need and you want to do your bit for the environment, you can pick up the EVT 168 for £1850.

Visit the ScootElectric website

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