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StampswatchRemember Swatch watches? Well, one of the men behind that phenomena, along with a former big cheese at Citizen, have got together to bring out another fashion accessory watch – the Stamps watch.

Here’s the idea – you choose the face of your watch from around 200 different designs, plus the colour of your strap. Clip the watch to the strap and you create your own unique look. They’ve really taken off in Europe and are now available in the UK.

Probably a bit too disposable for my tastes, but some of the designs for the watch faces are quite eye-catching – including this 50s pin-up (pictured).

Just one UK outlet so far in the Stables Market in London, but you can find out more and see the full range of designs at the Stamps website.

Visit the Stamps website (in French)

9 thoughts on “Stamps watches

  1. Hello my name is susana and i like this watches very much (s.t.a.m.p.s. )
    I have a shop and i would like to sell this
    could you send to me any direction or contact
    about this mark ?
    thanks a lot
    Susana from spain

  2. Hi
    i live in australia and i saw a friend wearing one of these watches (stamps watches) but she bought it in sydney and i was woundering if there is one i can buy in brisbane or the gold coast where
    regards Kala

  3. I would be intrested in selling Stamps watches in Japan for the japanese market need contact information and distribution information.

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