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The Trip by Joey Negro

Negrotrip Regular readers might know that we have a soft spot for The Trip. Saint Etienne’s mix was, for me, one of the albums of last year – a great mix of classic soul, beat, folk, pop and all points between. And recently, we got excited over Jarvis Cocker’s Trip – a quirky ride through to the 60s and 70s and back again.

However, I didn’t expect all that much diversity from the latest Trip participant – soulful house DJ Joey Negro. I was wrong. Obviously the man has a wider taste than I gave him credit for – kicking off with some John Barry and Nancy Wilson’s fantastic "Call Me", we have a "trip" (no pun intended) through popular music from the 60s right through to the present day. Some of it firmly rooted in "dodgy" (see Christopher Cross’ "Ride Like The Wind" or indeed Will Powers and Jan Hammer), but many are brave and interesting selections, featuring the likes of The Dells, The Isley Brothers, Jethro Tull, Incognito, Divine Comedy, B-52s – there’s even a burst of Glenn Miller!

You do get the feeling that it’s a "try before you buy" kind of album, so I’d recommend getting it on the headphones at your local record shop this weekend before you shell out your hard-earned cash. But it certainly looks like another feather in the cap of The Trip. Full tracklisting continued.

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Disc: 1
1. 007 And Counting – Barry, John (1)
2. Call Me – Wilson, Nancy (1)
3. Avengers – Johnson, Laurie
4. National Express – Divine Comedy
5. Ride Like The Wind – Cross, Christopher
6. Lust – Rinder, Laurin & Michael Lewis
7. You’re Not Alone – Lee, Dave
8. Chase – Moroder, Giorgio
9. Prime Time – Tubes
10. Monkey Star – Arpadys
11. Far Beyond – Sunburst Band
12. Atmospherique – Metro Area
13. Adventures In Success – Powers, Will
14. Entity – Mr. Marvin
15. Captain Of Her Heart – Double (1)
16. Don’t You Know – Hammer, Jan
17. Magic Smile – Vela, Rosie
18. Duel – Propaganda (1)
19. Song For A Future Generation – B-52’s

Disc: 2
1. Inside Life – Jakatta
2. Living In The Past – Jethro Tull
3. Love Music – Mendes, Sergio
4. It’s All Because Of You – Dells
5. Strung Out – Staples, Gordon
6. Funky Luvah – Creative Source
7. Do You Have Any – La Pamplemousse
8. Two Hearts Together – Soul Etico
9. Whisper Softly – Kool & The Gang
10. It Ain’t Love – Patterson, Rahsaan
11. Free – Seawind
12. Music – Omar (1)
13. Next Lifetime – Badu, Erykah
14. Highways Of My Life – Isley Brothers
15. Rush Over – Miller, Marcus & Me’Shell Ndegeocello
16. I Can See The Future – Incognito
17. So Nobody Else Can Hear – Cobb, Jimmy
18. Moonlight Serenade – Miller, Glenn (1)
19. Inside Life – Jakatta 

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