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Vintage Camper Vans

Vw1 Apparently, we’re all going Camper crazy, with prices for the vintage Volkswagen Camper Van very much on the rise.

According to recent research, we’re buying them because they offer us freedom, they save us money on hotels and because they’re great for festivals and sports weekends. And sales have also been boosted by Jamie Oliver tootling around in one on TV (for some unknown reason).

But before you rush off any buy an old wreck that you know you’ll never have time to renovate, we’d like to point out that you can still buy retro-styled Camper vans as new.

Vw2 Check out Danbury Motorcaravans. Using a Volkswagen Type 2 manufactured by VW Brazil, the Danbury Rio is powered by a powerful 1600cc fuel injected, air cooled engine. This is now fitted with a modern 55 amp alternator, electronic ignition and a catalytic converter exhaust system. The result is a reliable Camper van that won’t leave you stranded in the middle of France.

Add to that a nice modern fitted interior with a whole host of extras – from flat screen TV to Porta Potti – and you’ve got the ideal retro holiday machine with all the trimmings.

Production of the old-style VW is due to end soon, so get in there now. Prices are just under £20,000 before extras.

Visit the Danbury Motorcaravans website

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