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Americana dining furniture

Little1 If you’ve got a 50s vibe going on in your life, then you might be interested in Little Book of Furniture’s American Diner collection (The Motos), which can bring a touch of Americana to either your kitchen, dining room, or if you’re feeling flash, to your patio.

The collection is made up of three styles of dining chairs and two dining tables. The Moto Chairs have steel frames and vinyl, cushioned seats which are finished with a beige piping. Each model is then distinguished with its own distinctive detailing.

Little2 As for the tables, well, the moto26 has a curved rectangular shape which can seat six people, and the moto19 has a circular design which seats four. Both have unusual curved steel legs and are finished with a Formica table top in cream or black.

Each chair will set you back £135, with the tables coming in at £355 for the six-seter and £275 for ther four-seater.

Little Book of Furniture website

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