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Andy Warhol – Giant Size

Warhol Love or loathe his work, you can’t argue that Andy Warhol made a huge impact on popular culture in the 60s – and his work is still as relevant today as it was 40 years ago. If you want to know just about everything there is to know about the man, his work and his wigs, check out Andy Warhol – Giant Size, just published by Phaidon.

It’s a massive, visual biography of his life and career, measuring 42cm by 32 cm, with 624 pages featuring 1400 colour and 600 black and white images. It chronicles Warhol’s life from cradle to grave, using photos and artefacts from the Warhol Archive and the Warhol Foundation as well as material from private sources.  With rare or unseen pictures of the New York glitterati over three decades along with receipts, letters, documents, family snaps, press cuttings, images of the man at work (and experimenting with wigs), there’s not much else to add. The book even contains the order of service for his Memorial Mass in 1987 and a picture of his gravestone.

If you’re a fan or just want to know more about the man, you can pick the book up now for around £50.

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